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Calling All Indie Authors: Don’t wait on the gatekeepers of publishing. We are here to help you to become your own publisher.

Our services include: Interior Layout/Typesetting • Cover Design • eBook Design • File Preparation for Both Print and eBook Formats (so you’re ready to go to the printer).  • Website Design  • Media Kit Design • Guidance on Securing your Copyright and ISBN Number(s) •  Finally, we offer insight on marketing your book and choosing which printer/distributor is best for you.



Write Us

Are you ready to bring your manuscript full circle? Drop us a line, tell us about your project and the services you’re interested in, and we will get started! As a first step, we will guide you through securing your copyright and speak with you about the indie printer best suited to your project. (For print, we highly recommend Lightning Source, the world’s leading print-on-demand service, for its POD solutions or CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing solution.) Worried you can’t afford to set up an account with Lightning Source or Create Space? Let us break down the costs for you.



Send Us the Manuscript

Once we’ve agreed on your chosen package and printer, it is time to send us your final draft at which point you will arrange a conversation with your book designer so that he or she can get an idea of your sensibilities and how you envision the book’s final appearance.


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Mockup Review

We take our cover and interior designs very seriously because, we know that despite the old adage, people absolutely judge a book by its cover. Our Director of Design, Leslie M. Browning, comes to us with over 20 years experience in graphic design, the last 10 of which has been spent focusing solely on book design. After gathering your impressions of what you’d like the book to look like, our designer takes your vision and merges it with the latest trends in marketability to create something that simultaneously meets your expectation and will sell well within the market. We will design 3-5 mock-ups for the cover and 2-3 for the interior then send the PDFs to you for your review. At this point, we can polish the mock-ups to suit your vision (or you can send us back to the drawing board for another round of mock-ups). While the design is a commissioned process (i.e.: you’re in charge) and we want more than anything for you to love your cover, we also like to weigh in on this process to make sure we’re giving your book its best chance of success in the current marketplace.


Design Icon

Cover Design

Once you’ve approved the cover mock-up, your designer sets about the task of creating the final hi-res coverspread–front, back, and spine.



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Interior Design

After we’ve finalized the cover and you’ve approved the interior mock-up, your designer takes your manuscript and typesets it. With an arsenal of typefaces and flourishes and seasoned design sensibilities, our designers are equipped to create an original interior to elevate the experience for your reader.


Proof Review

Review of Final Designs

Once the cover and interior are complete, we will send you PDF proofs for your review to you can make sure everything appears as it should. Whether you take 2 days or 2 weeks it doesn’t matter to us. Once you’ve reviewed your files, we can make the necessary edits to clean up lingering errors.

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File Preparation 

With the final revisions made, we bring together your entire book package to ensure you have all the files you need to get your book into print. All files are upload-ready to suit your chosen printer’s specifications.

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Your Upload Your Book and Start Printing

After we give you your files, you upload them to your chosen printer and order a printed proof. (We have videos and instructional memos to help the upload process go smoothly for you, and our staff is here to guide you in your decision.) For print, we highly recommend Lightning Source or IngramSpark, the world’s leading print-on-demand service, for its POD solutions or CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing solution. Both of these outlets charge minimal fees for set-up and distribution (well under $100. Learn more here). Once you’ve reviewed your printed proof and reviewed the final appearance for your book, you approve the title for distribution and you’re in print!

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Marketing Brainstorm 

While you’re waiting for the printed proof of your book to arrive, you can arrange a phone or skype meeting with a senior member of staff to ask all those questions stored up inside of you regarding the publishing industry and what you can do to make your book as successful as possible. Whether it is Amazon reviews, social media networking, which awards to enter, the etiquette for setting up bookstore events, etc. we can give you insights so you can hit the ground running.

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The Safety Net

We give all our authors a 6-month safety net with regard to revisions. Meaning, if you find a couple little things you need to revise in your book down the line, we will complete a set of revisions for free and prepare you a set of updated files.